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Welcome to Gartner - The LED lighting specialist. We are a trusted developer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance LED lighting products throughout the country.

As one of the leading industrial LED distributors in the country, we provide high quality LED products for both small and large businesses. Our range of high efficiency, low energy LED lighting solutions has been expertly developed to suit a variety of industries, from hospitality and retail to commercial and industrial use. We offer a wide variety of services including retail and office lighting solutions.

Our high quality LED lighting products are manufactured solely for businesses and retailers in Indonesia. Because we manufacture these products to the highest standards, we’re able to create bespoke solutions that meet all our clients’ LED lighting specifications.

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High-Quality, Energy-Efficient LED lighting Manufacturer

As LED lighting manufacturers, we know that LED lighting is a very efficient light source with many benefits. It has several advantages over conventional lighting including low maintenance, energy efficiency, easy installation and wide choice. LED lighting saves energy, saves money, and creates beautifully lit spaces. It is extremely cost effective, and can make a genuine significant difference to your energy bills.

Why Choose Gartner as your LED suppliers?

If you are looking for an LED lighting distributor, Gartner LED is the perfect choice. We offer bespoke products, offering your business a total lighting solution. As LED manufacturers, our products are stocked by some of the largest electrical wholesalers in Indonesia.

Indonesia Wide LED Lighting Suppliers

Based in Surabaya, Gartner LED supply to electrical wholesalers all over the Indonesia; from retails and large size project. Whether big or small, please do contact us for inquiries, our representative will respond to your enquiry.

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